October 23, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
Ian Brown

Tanx is a totally unique and exhilarating radio control activity, using infra red battle systems for tank to tank combat games.

Every tank is a highly detailed scale model of the WW2 Tiger 1 tank. Each fitted with a computer controlled system, producing breathtaking sound and visual effects. Even the firing of the main cannon produces a true to life flash and recoil. This much realism draws you close into the action, making you feel like you are driving a real tank into battle.

No missiles are shot!
The tank battle systems use infra-red light to strike hits. If a tank suffers from incoming fire you will hear the “incoming” hit, and then feel it as your tank recoils from the strike. Suffer more hits and the engine will stutter and slow until you are eventually put out of action.

Tanx can be played individually or as team activity. The strength of each tank can also be programmed to create a range of exciting games and battle scenarios.

See our videos and photos to see the different types of situations that Tanx has been played.

The list of situations which Tanx is suitable for is almost endless!

Corporate Fun Days
Pre and After Dinner Entertainment
Activity Days
Team Building
Office Incentive events

Even if you are not in the driving seat, Tanx is great fun to watch, creating an additional attraction at your event.

Tanx can run on most terrain both inside and out.

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