2013/14 AGM

Once again a fast paced and dynamic meeting.. Or was that just my perception? More port vicar?

At this point I should get all lacrimose (or just morose?) and thank Tony for a fine year, but I will just say thanks, from all of us, for a fine year, thanks for a fine port at the AGM, and from me, thanks for all the support and guidance as I come into a fairly important year.

We were priviledged to once again have President Major Stan in attendance, some 53 years after his first one. And a few other rarely seen members sneaked in under the radar – it was nice to see Smokin’ Ade and Hang ‘Em High Phil again.

A high point was Brian’s agreement (I suspect post a few ales, this is what happens when you let a vicar’s husband out for the evening!) to pay his back subs for the years since he resigned as a member of Moseley 41 Club. Not sure why he resigned. And even less certain why he felt the need to pay subs for when he was not a member, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

AGM itself went the way of all AGM’s, officers reports were generally ignored (if actually presented) by most present, with the exception of course, in time honoured tradition, of the Treasurer’s Report. As someone who had his Table accounts rejected (I seem to recall) two years on the trot, I stand in awe of Mike, abley abetted by Roger and Ken, who did a sterling job of hiding the bodies. And then he slid in a balanced budget and a static subscription for 2014, even in the face of opposition from two seafairing troublemakers who proposed several increases in the space of as many minutes.

The transfer of jewels from Tony and Stan went without flaw, as did the appointment of officers, and we then launched into a discussion on the future of Moseley 41 Club, led in the most part by Andy V, who, in a effort to turn 41 Club into a club fit for heroes (well, soon to be ex-Tablers anyway) has agreed to spearhead a new series of events called “41 Club Extra”. Not sure what they will entail just yet, but suffice to say they WILL NOT involve sitting around a table at KHCC eating another of Pete’s fine repasts… We will keep you posted.

There’s lots coming up in the next 12 months, but my personal aim is to try and build bridges with Table, Circle and Tangent (mainly the former) so we once again become four limbs of the same body..

Nick 22/04/15