At a meeting on June the 15th 1995 a resolution was approved at a Special General Meeting, that this club did not require rules but could rely on the integrity of the Chairman for the time being to run the Club as he felt fit.

However in order to give guidance as to the manner in which he would control the club, the following principles were adopted by the then Chairman Vernon James to be known as the “Vernon James Principles of Operation” to be accepted as principles by which future Chairmen unless amended in Council by majority vote.

Moseley “41” Club



 1. Title

The club shall be called Moseley 41 Club and shall be affiliated to the National Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs

2. Objects

To maintain and develop friendships formed in Round Table and to engage in any activities decided by the Council or by a majority of members present at an ordinary meeting

3. Membership

 A. Applications for membership will be reviewed by the council from anyone who satisfies the requirements of the rules of the National Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs.

 B. Applications for membership will be reviewed by the council and its decision will be put to the members present at the next ordinary meeting for ratification. A simple majority will confirm the council’s recommendation.

 C. Membership shall cease on that date when a letter addressed to a member at his last known address either residential or business shall have been posted by the secretary by ordinary pre-paid post intimating that by a majority decision of the council has ordered his name be removed from a list of the members of the club.

 D. Up to 3 honorary members may be elected from time to time and such elections shall form part of the agenda of the AGM. The restrictions on the activities of honorary members shall be as detailed in the rules of the National Association of Ex table clubs.

 E. Members may bring guests to any meeting of the club providing notification has been given to the Houseman by the appropriate time prior to the meeting, but guests may not participate in any debate unless invited to do so by the Chairman.

4. Subscriptions

 A. The treasurer shall produce a budget of the anticipated expenditures for the ensuing year at the AGM and this shall be the basis of the subscription if accepted by the majority of the members then present. Any scheme of meal credits or fines for non-attendance must be ratified each year by a majority of those present at the AGM and notified to all members.

 B. Any apologies must be notified to the Houseman (or a council member acting for him) by the Monday prior to a meeting.

 C. The council may recommend that a new or rejoining member should pay a joining fee though such recommendation must be ratified by a majority of those members present at the next ordinary meeting.

5. Club Financial Year

This shall end on the 31st of March (the first year ended on the 31.03.1962)

6. Council

 A. The Council shall consist of:
                The 41 Club Chairman
                The Immediate past Chairman
                Any other officers elected at the AGM

 B. The council shall have the power to co-opt the additional members if in its wisdom it deems it advantageous to do so.

 C. Officers shall be elected annually at the AGM with the exception of the Vice Chairman who shall be confirmed as Chairman for the following year and shall remain in office until the next AGM.

7. Management of the Club

Management of the club shall be under the discretion of the council which shall meet at such times as the Chairman may decide. The Council shall have authority in all matters not otherwise laid down.
8. AGM

 A. To be held in April each year on the date of the Ordinary club meeting or as soon after the 31st of March.

 B. A quorum shall be 30% of the active members

 C. Fourteen days notice of the meeting shall be given, but an announcement at the previous Ordinary meeting may be deemed sufficient if so determined by the council.

9. Ordinary Meetings

Ordinary meetings shall be held at a venue to be decided by the council on the 3rd Wednesday of each month with the exception of August. The meeting shall be called for 7.30 to eat at 8.00 p.m. prompt.

10. Alteration

These principles maybe altered by a proposition duly seconded and given to the secretary in writing. It’s virtues will then be considered by the Council and their determination of its value circulated to all members. The proposition will then be offered to the next Ordinary meeting for ratification of the council’s opinion by a majority of those present.

11. Eligibility for election as Chairman

Any active full member of Moseley 41 Club shall be eligible for election as Chairman but preference should be given first to members who have not been Chairman of Moseley Round Table and secondly to members who have been Chairman of Table but not previously Chairman of 41 Club.

12. Chairman’s responsibility

The Chairman shall have absolute discretion as to what discussion he will accept on any motion or what item he will accept under any other business and any other item under any other business shall be for discussion only and no resolution, maybe moved or adopted under this item.


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