September Newsletter

September News Update

Well Summer seems to be well and truly over so lets look forward to those dark and damp Autumnal evenings being enlivened by good fellowship at 41 Club meetings!

In August we held our regular Bowls challenge against Table and as has become the norm of late, lost. However I must say that we could call it a draw as the event was extremely well attended by 41 Club members and one of the two teams had more 41ers than Tablers on it. It was good to see so many of our members attending a fellowship evening with Table and hope we can repeat this at other events during the year.

Next meeting – Wednesday 18th September

Our next meeting will be a fellowship evening at KHCSC with the minimum of Club business and reports, do try to come along and enjoy the good food and the company of your fellow members. Please book in\out as required with the Houseman, Andy Finch, in good time.

October meeting – 16th October – Beer Tasting

We are going to repeat the format of last year. This will be a beer tasting with a difference, the meal will be divided into a number of small courses and a different beer chosen to compliment the food will accompany each course. Taxi\Nominated drivers advised!

The members present last year had a very enjoyable time at one of the best meetings of the year so do make a note of it in your diary and come along and enjoy the evening.

5th Wednesday – 30th October

I have not heard from anyone with ideas for a venue\format that might attract a better attendance than the last two 5th Wednesdays. If anyone would like to take on the 5th Wednesday in October please let me know before the end of September so that we have time to promote amongst 41 and Table.

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